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Beware of Home Designs Furniture

My husband and I went in to the store looking for a bedroom set and were browsing when we were approached by a salesperson, Maria. We then explained that we were interested in a lay a way plan so we looked and found a bedroom set and matress for $1940.00. We then applied for credit to finance the furniture and were approved for $500.00 my husband said that’s fine I will make payments on the remaining balance on a lay a way plan. Maria then went on and on about financing with Crest Finance and was very persistnant and almost to point of harrasment. We said no thank you we were not intreseted and she kept on and on. We told her we were in no hurry to get the bedroom set we have one and there was no rush. So she went as far as promising that this would help our credit score and that we had 6 months to pay it off without interest. After over an hour of going back and forth my husband agreed. She printed out a page and said we would get the rest in the mail. Ofcourse he was approved and we then received paperwork from Crest Finance and it had a 12 month plan I immediately called the strore and the finance company they both assured me as long as I made my payments on time and monthly I would not pay the 12 months at $329.80. So after the 6th payment with Crest Financial I was charged again and I called them immedaitely they said this was a rent to own program and that they did not have an option of 6 months to pay off in full. We are now stuck paying $3997.60 for a bedroom set that was orginally $1300.00 and we also purchased a mattress which totaled $1940.00. My husband does not speak or read English so he got had and signed paperwork that was in English she lied about everything and made him think that we could build our credit by making the payments on time. SHE NEVER ONCE said this was a rent to own scam or we would have never done this. We had the funds to pay this in full in Februaury. There is no way we would have agreed to this. Crest Finance said to report this to the police and that they would make a complaint against the furniture. The representative said they have done this too many Spanish speaking people and our getting away with this. I have already paid off my furniture and am still paying and will end up paying $4000.00 if someone doesn’t help us. I called and the owner he was rude and started yelling and said that we were trying to rob him and we are cheaters. It was the most awful eperience he does not deserve to get away with his. They are liars and scam artists and just want to make money and cheat people that are hard working and honest. I am begging that somone help us with this case. We do not want anything but to pay what the furniture was proced at, we did not agree to ever rent to own the furniture store refers to this as financing. That is not the same as a rent to own store they should have to advertise that by law instead they say it is through a finance company which is not the same as rent towon. We had just purchaed a living rooma and dining set in December at Ashley’s furntiure as well and paid cash for these items. I would never agree to through my money away and pay over double for cheap fruniture when I could have simply returned to Ashley’s furniture and get quality furniture on a lay away plan. Please advise.

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