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Beware of HitechPest.com

My Name is Jeff Bacino, | I’m responding to to an ex employee of Hi-Tech Pest Pros. His name is Matt Lambson, he lives in Webster, Texas. Matt came to work for our company back in February of 2016. A little history on myself and our company, I started Hi-Tech some 28 years ago, we’ve been servicing Houston and surrounding areas for all these many years and have an excellent record and high standing in the community, to include the BBB. Matt came over from White Knight pest control, a company which he stated was paying him a tiny wage. I hired him on in our commercial pest division, which is a night time positon. Matt, to my suprise began complaining within the first week, that he didn’t feel he could hack it working nights, that he just started, in his words "a new love affair" with his girlfirend, whom he met at bible study at the Church Of Latter Day Saints and missed her so and wanted to spend time with her. Much to my chagrin, I started to perform my du diligence and go behind Matt as a responsible owner, I have many years of experience in this industry. I noticed that Matt was violating a company policy, which is our mandatory 40 minute minimum stop for each of our paying clients. I do this by means of our GPS tracking system, I confronted Matt with these multiple violations, he was obviously embarrassed and admitted to me via text message, that he was in fact violating Hi-Techs company policy and that he missed his girlfriend, etc.. He apologized to me and promised he would clean up his act. | This, however, didn’t last long, Matt would go to our key account clients and just place the invoice on the counter and leave without actually doing the work. In our industry, this is called "Dropping Paper." This is nothing more than "theft of services." Matt Lambson’s tenure with Hi-Tech was short, (31) days from February 19, 2016 to March 21, 2016, however, it was memorable. In (1) month, Matt was able to inflict damage to a company vehicle, have a written warning and receive a (3) day suspension, this for pretending to do a full service to many of our paying clients,again, "theft of service." It is widely known in our industry, be it daytime or nighttime pest control, pest techs are paid a percentage, our techs are paid 20%of their job ticket, actually our company offers one of the best percetanges in the industry.. Matt, did get paid his final check for the amount of time that he actually worked, (tracked by GPS) He did not get paid for the fictitious work that he was caught not performing, thus trying to cheat our customers. Matt was charged back for the percentage of money he would have been paid, be it not for his deception. Matt Lambson is simply a disgruntled, unappreciative, deceptive individual, with a questionable moral compass. He willingly, without conscience, chose to cheat Hi-Tech Pest Pros and it’s clients, while claiming to be a man of faith… Worse than that, he was dishonest to you, the consumer, who has the right to know the truth about a particular company when searching for services. Shame on you Mr. Lambson, for dragging Hi-Tech into the path of you disingenuous, disgruntled behavior and having to waste my time in refuting your false claim. To the honest, hard working individuals, who would truly to like explore the pest control industry, we welcome you to come and grow with our company, we are always looking for integrity, drive and determination, it also pays well..

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