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Beware of Higgs Fletcher & Mack

After going throung a brutal 7 year divorce in which my cheating spouce hired a Personal Injury attorney named Michale Quade to represent her, they literally drove me to have to declare Chapter 7 BK in order to protect the assets which Quade & Associates did not extort. I went into the Higgs Fletcher and Mack Law Offices to meet with a BK Attorney and to inquire about hiring a Malpractice Attorney to go after Michael Quade for his acts of manufacturing evidence, perjury, and using his “lawyering” to deceive my ex into thinking he could get her 3.5 Million in a Settlement. If one watches the documentary called Divorce Corp, it spells out the sham these Family Lawers pull off in ordre to make themselves extremely wealthy by “legally” extorting the earned savings off of honest Americans. I any event, on the day I met with a BK Attorney at Higgs Fletcher and Mack, he had inquired as to why the divorce was going on for over 6 years (at the time). I explained how my Attorney was defenseless against dishonest Michael Quade, who it tunrs out had multiple Malpractice Cases along with Fraud, Misrepresentation and other Cases filed against him seince he managed to get a Law Degree by now defunk night time Law School National University. The BK Atty then brings in two Family Law Attorney’s from their firms, and I tell them I can;t afford to hire them as I’m declaring BK and I only have 25k left to my name and my retirment account whihc is protected under Federal BK Laws. Thye said they could “work with me” if they took over the case. They took 22k out of my last 25k, then their idea of “settling the case” was to give my ex all my retirment accounts, then sign onto paying Alimony and Child Support which was more than I was grossing monthly. They said my only other option was to hire them to take it to Trial, but I don;t have the money and even then, based on my previous Atty’s malpractice, could have the Judge make a ruling wheras I could someone how owe my ex 3.5M. The law you find out is not fair nor just, its a sham. So not only did Higgs Fletcher and Mack give away everything I had and left me in penniless, but they ended up racking up a bill AFTER the Divorce in excess of $78,000 over and above the 22 I paid them. Keep in mind they billed thousands of dolalrs for “reserach,” then thousands of dollars more for “consultation fees” in which they said they spoke with me for a certain period, but my cell phone records show their 3 minute phone call to “update me” was billed in ecess of literally hours!!! Please watch the documentary you can find on Nexflicks called Divorce Corp and youu will se how and why Family Law is a 50 Billion a Year Industtry rife with scum bag Attorney’s whose job is to extort everything they can from honest and hard working Americans. Hired self-Serving LIARS….if their was truth in advertising, they would advertise Liars For Hire, Ready to Steal Your Money and Make it Legal under the eyes of the Law!!!

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