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Beware of Hibdon Tires Plus

Last week I went to Hibdon’s in Enid to get an oil change, a new tire on my rear driver’s side , and a tire rotation. After sitting there for almost 3 hours and $230 later, they were finally done. I was in a hurry to leave so I could get my son from school. Once I got home, I noticed they didn’t give me the same brand of tire that matches my other 3 tires like I requested. The guy assured me he had one in stock and it wouldn’t be a problem. This was the first problem! I was really upset about this because I knew I had driven on this brand new tire and they weren’t going to switch it out. So I just decided to deal with it. It’s my fault I didn’t check before I left the shop. Here’s where it gets worse. The next day my tire sensor comes on showing I have a low tire on my driver’s side front tire. I look at my tire and realize this was the same tire that was supposed to be replaced. Same markings, same nail, etc. They rotated my tires BEFORE they replaced the rear driver’s side tire. So I ended up with a new tire AND my bad tire, while my good tire is sitting in their shop. I have my husband take it up there the next day they were open and show them what they did. Instead of admitting their mistake and just putting my good tire back on, they take it further. They spend 30 minutes going to “look” for my tire they took off. They draw a chalk circle on the good tire, where they nail supposedly was and there is no hole! They insist this tire came off the rear of my car, but it’s consistent with rubbing on the front of my car from a wreck I had earlier last year. It blows my mind that they would not make this right. It would have been such a simple fix. I intend to let EVERYONE know what kind of crooks they are!!

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