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Beware of Hertz Rent A Car

I made an online reservation for a rental car through Expedia. I rented a car from Dollar (same as Hertz, even dealt with Hertz rental agent in addition to Hertz customer service) for a trip I took to Munich, Germany. Being an international trip, I carefully reviewed the accident coverage provided by my credit card company, and decided that I would decline coverage through Hertz. I even read the terms and conditions stated in the reservation, and I was still good with my decision. | However, when I arrived on the ground in Munich, Hertz told me that I had no choice but to accept their coverage, unless I could provide written documentation of my rental insurance coverage provided by my credit card company. After complaining that this was new information and I was never told about this policy, I was basically told to pay for the coverage or don’t rent the car. After making a stink, I was told by the agent that if I printed the info at my hotel and returned with it, they could remove the insurance coverage. Boy I should have gotten that in writting! | Having nowhere to print out my information, I had no choice but to accept the coverage, and hope that they honored their promise. I’m willing to bet you can see where this is going. | I printed the information as requested, and returned with it. However, the agent that accepts the returns was unable to do anything for me, and told me I had to see the agent at the booth. But when I got to the booth, they informed me that since the invoice was closed out (which occurs when you give back the keys), there was nothing they could do for me. But that it wasn’t a big deal, and that I could call customer service and they’d take care of it. | When I called customer service, I was informed that since I accepted the coverage, the bill was correct. They don’t care about the shady business practices of policies that will force you to pay them more money for add on serviecs that you don’t need. Then they give you the run around having to make phone calls, write emails, etc, all the time basically telling you to go pound sand. | I could not have been prepared to provide written documentation of something that I was not informed of prior, at a time when I had no options. They are aware of this, and it is why they do it. They know you are screwed, and that most likely you cannot deny the car rental given that you are in a foriegn city with no other options. Then they make promises they never intend to keep. | I will NEVER rent from Hertz or their affiliates again.

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