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Beware of Henry's Baseball Club

Just got off the phone talking to Butch Hobson the former red sox 3rd baseman is now a coach in the PRO INDEPENDENT LEAGUES. I GOT A LEFTY PITCHER A TRYOUT WITH THE TEAM. Sorry that people do not understand pro baseball. It works a lot better for a player if there is a helper in his corner giving the player introductions to his potential field manager. We have the cell phones for all the field mangers in the PRO IND. LEAGUES. Normaly there are 40-50 ind teams. This year there are close to 70 teams. We introduce the player on a 3 way call to his potential mgr. The mgr. wants back ground info like college or stats on teams he played on. If the field mgr. likes what he hears he may invite the player to work out for the team see how he fits in. The jury for a pitcher is the field manager, the pitching coach, and the general manager. The new player gets to throw to a catcher in the bull pen. the pitching coach instructs him as to what pitches he wants to see and what location.This is where the difference between control and command comes in. After 10-15 min. of throwing, the 3 have a conversation and a player is sent home or if they want to use him for home games or make him part of the team. Rules are not the same as MLB. YOU ARE HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW. THERE IS NO GREY AREA. You take what they offer you. It is a chance to move up the lader. | The adds on cl is 43 years of fixing baseball gloves=glove repair. | Another add is looking for player’s for sunday baseball ages 16-45 years of age. | Another add is selling used broken in baseball gloves. I buy the gloves, ad rejuvinator to the leather, new laceing and as each glove is different I make the adjustments to the glove and sew what it may need to restore the old leather. Is that a crime to restore and sell gloves to people that prefer a broken in baseball glove????? | The BBB in mass. 508 652 4810 ask for Carlos Perez. Never had a complaint in 43 years. our BBB rating is A+. We do not demand any thing. in America you have free choise and America is comerce. we are here to please and serve baseball talent. We welcome emails or phone calls. | On my site henrysbaseballclub.com you can see the testimonials on the left side. | Roger Clemens had a pitchng coach, a strenth conditioning coach, a accountant, several lawyers, a field manager, etc., etc. the player needs to know where to go and who to see. So if the player I send has spoken to the field manager, and his player profile is on the managers desk. Then I think he as a better chance than some one showing with 200 other players. | I was invited by the BROCKTON ROCKS TO HELP AND SEE WHAT PLAYER’S THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO USE. EACH PLAYER PAID & 036;200.00 TO TRYOUT FOR THE DAY. THEY HAD ABOUT 120 PLAYERS, EACH PAID & 036;200.00. AT THE END OF THE DAY I SUGESTED THAT THE ONLY 2 PITCHERS THAT I SENT HIM SHOULD BE SIGNED. THEY AGGRED AND THE REST WERE SENT HOME. | The person making this complaimt never played in our program, has nothinbg to do with henrysbaseball, I never met him and do not know who he is. | 500 words of hate over nothing. Sites like this post horror then call looking for money to remove the trash on the web. Was quoted & 036;2,000.00 for a fake hearing that I would have to pay them. No such events ever took place. There is no Police Dept. on the web. So if you came home found a squater in your bed who ate your food and refuse to leave what would you do. So that is the problem. The person posting the complaint is the scammer, looking for quick money. I get emails and phone calls from scammers. They say send & 036;1,000.00 to us and we will send you & 036;5 million. Complained many times to Google but it falls on deft ears. Google loves the car crash=a lot of hits.

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