Haunted Curiosities

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Beware of Haunted Curiosities

I spent a lot of money with Deedee at haunted curiosities. She sells jewelry, a lot of it is antique jewelry, claiming that they have powers such as psychic, or any other power you want. None of the relics work. She claims to go on paranormal vestigations, when in reality, she does not. She claims to be psychic, but she is not. Not only have I not gotten any results from my items, but an ex employee of hers told me that she is a scam. | I bought a transformation from her that was suppose to increase my breast size. It did not work. She claims she can heal you of illness and that many of her relics can heal you of illness and charges sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. This woman should not be allowed to get away with this as she is preying on vulnerable people. How does someone get away with this for so long? Pathetic. | Anyway, you’ve been forewarned and there are other testimonies on here. that she is FAKE and do not buy from her!

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