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Beware of Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC

After reading all of the other reports, I had to chime in myself. | At first impression, I was like, “Man, all their female representitives have such sweet voices and sound so sincere and helpful, this is like a dream”. All of their advertising clearly indicated that Hagerty Insurance covers muscle cars, even cars that are in restoration, so it was a no brainer to do business with them. Before I jumped through the burning hoops of their application, I was totally honest and upfront about the details of my car and driving record. I did this so I wouldn’t be wasting my time or theirs on going through the whole application process. | The car is at like 90% complete restoration, only needs a carberator, fuel pump, and the final paint job. All of the actual prep/bodywork is 100% complete, all of the door jambs, under the hood, and trunk lid are painted…and the exterior is in primer. It just needs the final paint, and its done. I fully disclosed my driving record to the sweet sounding representitve too. Keep in mind, I only have 2 speeding tickets that I got in the last 6 months (speed trap tickets, both for less than 10mph over speed limit) which I have just been told do not even show up on my driving record in my state. Before those 2 tickets, it has been 15yrs since my last ticket, and have never made an auto insurance accident claim in 32 years of driving. After telling them all of that, there was not even a hint from Hagerty Insurance that there would be a problem with an approval on the application. | Just like previous posts before mine, they call a few days later to say the application was denied. | Their reason…”your car is not painted, so it is not considered in excellant condition” and…you have two tickets. Just like the previous posts, that is where the sweet sounding helpful voices….started sounding like they just wanted to shuffle me off the phone. Pretty much at that point, they didn’t even want to waste the time listening to me. | With that said, a word of advice if you intend to deal with these people……. If your car is not “perfect” and is not 100% full restoration, lie your a** off to these people about what you have, obviously being honest and straight up is not a language they understand. Their false or misleading advertising kinda gives you an indication of what you might expect if you ever had to file a claim. If you have tickets, lie your a*s off to these people, and tell them you have none. Up front they will tell you tickets are ok, but they are obviously not. If you don’t do this, you will be wasting alot of your time with the “burning hoops” application.

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