Guaranteed Removals

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Beware of Guaranteed Removals

!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU DO NOT HIRE THEM THEY WILL MAKE YOUR SITUATION WORSE BY PUSHING YOUR BAD FEEDBACK EVEN FURTHER UP!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ | We had one bad report online on page 2. As soon as I called and spoke with ROY E. at this company he asked for $3000. No problem I thought maybe it takes lots of work. | He said if it is on page 2 it’s not an emergency but then when it hits page 1 it will cause serious damage. Keep in mind it was on page 2 for 2 years. Suddenly when I declined his service it rose to the top of page 1 and is pinned right there. My SEO guy says someone just started adding backlinks forcing it to the top. | Roy E. then contacted me a week later saying now look where it is and now wants $5000. What a monster he is and his company is. | PLEASE DO NOT CALL THEM UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY CAUSE AS SOON AS YOU DECLINE THEY WILL PUSH THE NEGATIVE RIGHT TO THE TOP OF PAGE ONE LIKE THE MAFIA. | WHAT PIECE OF GARBAGE PEOPLE!!!!!!! VERY DANGEROUS AND VERY OBVIOUS

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