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Beware of GSA Contract Management Services LLC

ALWAYS RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING | Had I done just a little bit of research I would have realized that this is a con. Multiple reports here. Reports on Reports on the State of Florida consumer protection website. Apparently under investigation by FL, SC and now DC Attorney’s General. Just google the company and individual names. | In June they signed a contract to put proposal together. All of the necessary detail was provided in July. Note that my company is a prime federal government contractor. Having been in the government contracting space for many years. I really just needed them to put the proposal together because of GSA’s onerous process. | We were business and I THOUGHT they were a proposal development shop. There’s not that much to it – it just takes some time to write. We did so on another GSA Schedule. They just refused to do the work after months of requests. | Delay after delay after delay and excuse. End of the week.. next week. status update coming. Repeated requests for refund. Then I googled. I’m embarassed to be caught by a con. Darrell Hancock is an artist of the highest caliber in his sales job. And the false indignation after my accusations of lack of service delivery. I look forward to their prosecution. | So many shell companies and false addresses. According to others they always claim their 21 years of experience.. bullsh*t. What company of theirs has been around and registered for 21 years? Why do they keep having to form new companies and use different names? | Business search: | | The company response to another report shows the level of BS they spill out. I’m definitely capable of working with a computer and winning government contracts. Let’s see if they try that with me.

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