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Beware of Groupon, Inc.

Mary was at home at her computer at about 1 pm on 8/20/15 and made a purchase of a king sheet set and a mattress pad on her Groupon account. She did not receive a confirming email that the purchase was made, but kept checking her email to see if it came in. Then, about an hour later I “Chatted” with a Groupon representative, Wenna M. (copy of email enclosed) to see if the order went through. She said there was no order. I even asked to make sure that there would not be duplicate orders if I ordered again. There was no order listed under my online account, so I ordered again. | A couple weeks later, we received, at separate times, two sets of the sheets and the mattress pads. Mary called Groupon on 9/9 to ask why we were sent two sets and were charged for two sets, when I was assured that there was only one order processed. I talked on the phone to a rep Linda, and she said that she only saw the one order that I placed about 3 pm on 8/20 and that I was only charged the one time on our card No. 7149. I kept insisting that I did, in fact, receive two sets and was charged for two sets, after I was assured that a first order was not placed. Linda said that she could authorize a return for the one sheet set, but could not authorize a return for the mattress pad. | She then, asked an account specialist to go into my account and see what might have happened. He said that an order was placed for a sheet set and mattress pad under Gary’s (husband) Groupon account about 1 pm on 8/20 and charged to our card No. 7149, and that a duplicate order was placed on Mary’s Groupon account about 3 pm on 8/20 and charged to card No. 7149. I kept asking how could that happen when Gary was at work the whole time, not at a computer, my computer is about 50 feet away from his and I was the only one ordering that day, and I was on my computer, and the name of the account at the top right kept listing “Mary”? All the screens kept stating “Mary” as the name on the account. I kept asking that they send me a return authorization for both one sheet set and one mattress pad, that we had opened the one set of the mattress pad, but only the outer mailing package, not the inner packaging, and did not use either one. She kept insisting that the mattress pad was designated as “No returns” and she could not authorize it. I then asked,’ well who can?’ She turned me over to a supervisor, Becky. | I again explained the situation to Becky, that I did not order two sets and that the problem was some kind of glitch or process with Groupon’s ordering system coding, and that it was not my fault that two sets were sent. Gary was not even home that day and was not at a computer. None of the reps could explain how this could have happened, but Becky kept insisting that she could not authorize a return for the mattress pad, but could for the one sheet set. I said, then I will have to dispute the charge with the card company, and file complaints with every complaint system that I know, and that Groupon will have to go through the hassle of dealing with that. I have received an authorization for the return of one sheet set and have returned that, but have kept the one mattress pad, unopened and unused, pending the outcome of this dispute. | Something very interesting is that, after I got off the phone with Groupon, I tried several methods of going into Gary’s Groupon account, using his password and information, and could never get on his account from my computer. So, again, I ask, ‘how could this have happened?’ It is some kind of glitch in Groupon’s ordering system and not our fault. We simply want to return the unopened mattress pad and receive a refund for it. If this is some kind of hygienic regulation, it is interesting to note that a person’s body is in direct contact with bedsheets, not the mattress pad, while sleeping. Yet, Groupon would accept a return for the sheets and not the mattress pad. Thank you for your consideration in resolving this matter.

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