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Beware of Great American Readers

I received a phone call from a woman telling me I won $250 in giftcards and that I just had to order some magazines that would be lower then in store. I was distracted, and she wouldn’t stop calling. Like many others, I just wanted to get off the phone. I intended to cancel in the next day or two. | I did not receive any magazines and I forgot. Then I started to get tons of magazines… tons!!! And started to get charged 49.90. Today I searched online to see if I could cancel online and all I found were complaint sites and fraud sites full of stories, EXACTLY like mine. I can’t believe no one can stop these people, or that no one has stepped in to help. WOW. | I guess all I can do is cancel my cards and prepare for the credit collector calls. And to give all the credit agency’s a heads up. I will not let these scammers win! KARMA.

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