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Beware of GoWallet

In December 2015, I received a GO WALLET Visa Debit/Gift Card, issued by Sunrise Banks in St. Paul, Minnesota. The gift card is for $25.00 and had never been used or opened until today, May 6, 2016. | Picking up lunch at a restaurant, I opened the cardboard packaging while standing at the register and gave it to the cashier. My check was for $21.80 however, the debit/gift card would only allow a purchase of $20.83. I owed a balance of $0.97 and had no cash on me. A very kind, young man paid my balance and I was able to leave with our food. | I called the phone number on the card and did not have a long wait before being connected with a representative, named Julio. He was very polite but informed me that whenever a card is used at a gas station, restaurant, hotel, car rental, cruise ship, etc., 20% of the balance is placed on hold and we are not given access to that 20% for seven days. When I asked why GO WALLET would automatically attach a gratuity, he was quick to inform me (repeatedly) this was not a gratuity. | Although I know Julio is not the person that makes these policies, I told him that I was very displeased that GO WALLET would deny me access to my money when they had the $25.00 cash in-hand AND $3.95 that was paid up-front for the card. This practice is wrong and I would like this remedied. A gift card is basically a cash transaction, I should have access to every penny of that gift card when needed. | I also have a $50 GO WALLET gift card. While I am grateful for the generousity of my friends, I will definitely advise them of this unsavory practice by GO WALLET.

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