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Beware of Gordonhurst Village Apartments

Joanne Kolenovic – Property Manager | I signed a lease with the above mentioned woman and what a horrendous experience it was. Upon moving in I didscovered that almost every appliance was broken and was scolded like a child when I asked for repairs. It took months of badgering to get the manager to replace it until I finally had to threaten witholding funds to get it done. The property is decent upon first glance but has many structural, foundation and plumbing issues at the core. They only make necessary repairs to apartments the plan on renting to prospective renters and put no time into the multitude of issues the plague the grounds. Everything gets done in an umtimely manner after it is damaged and don’t expect anything to be done permanently or the correct way, her husband is the super and he has no clue what he is doing when it comes to repairs and goes for the easy fix instead of caring about safety and security. I also had to pay rent hikes on my parking spot (something i’ve never experienced before) which were surprising and unwelcome as what maintenance is done on a parking spot to warrant increase over a yearly period? It has gotten too expensive and caused me to have to take residence in another building and I felt obligated to share my experince and that I felt taken adavantage of and thought I found a place I could call home for some time only to find mold, leaks, damaged areas and nothing but a bad attitude and lack of worth ethic from management. I also freezed in the winter in these buildings and my friend was towed for parking on the street during a snow storm (something no one told me would happen) and had to pay to get his car out of the impound. This complex would be a great place to live if people who actually cared took care of it and there weren’t so many broken appliances and fee increases.

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