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Beware of Gordon, Aylworth & Tami, P.C.

MY experience with Gordon, Aylworth & Tami P.C. treated me according to the law. I became disabled due to chemo, and my husband had a heart attack all at the same time. We lost everything. Our home, our retirement, went homeless for a minute. I found out three years later with both me and my husband severely disabled, that the doctors had lied to use regarding my chemo treatment, that I never was supposed to have had chemo. I lost trust in everything, and everybody. When this company served a summons, and threatened my husband with a judgment. I did what I always did and wrote a letter to received the information regarding this alleged account. I received the information in two days. they caught me at my own legal game, then I called on his behalf, explained out circumstances and that I and my husband were living off of 750 a month Disability and could not afford monthly, payments, I also explained that I knew they couldn’t attach a debt to disability. However I wanted my life back, I didn’t want to be one of them who do not pay their debts. I made an offer on a pay off amount, and told them that I will not make any payment until I receive written confirmation. I received an email with confirmation less than 24 hours later, and they also mailed the confirmation to me. I have to say I have never had a truly acceptable service from a company like I did this one. They treated me with respect, and knew and understood the complexities with the disabled, and did assist to help us gain another notch in getting back on our feet. Thank you

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