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Beware of Google Inc.

I was the victim of a scam that involved a person claiming to be “Janice Santana” of the United States Marine Corp that I met online via For ten months, “Janice Santana” had wanted to be a love interest that I was seeking, but what “Janice Santana” was seeking from me was how to exploit my good name. | Most, if not all, of the converations occurred via Google Hangout where “Janice Santana” urged and even requested that I do things that I was not comfortable in doing, but had to do it thinking I would find love and a possible business. During the 10 months, “Janice Santana” had me take out loans, wire money with Money Gram and Western Union, max out a credit card, purchase iPhones, compromise my bank account, driving around New Jersey doing all these things, and yet, “Janice Santana” had some excuse of why she could not come to the United States. | Overall, I have incurred losses that are severe and I had no choice but to notify every possible authority.

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