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Beware of Google Inc.

| I signed up on Google Cloud Platform on the promise and offer of a free $300 trial. My intent was to use it to test the latest version of Leela 0.1.0 and also open source Ray(on) for Baduk/Go board game AI. After Google’s Deepmind tricked everyone into thinking it was going to release a public learning tool for AlphaGo Master, I decided that it was a good idea to run my own strong AI Go program instead, and wanted to take Google up on its so-called free offer. | When I actually wanted to use it, it asked for a credit card and personal information which was reasonable. But then when I wanted to create an instance it says that I have a quota of exactly zero GPUs. And then it promptly deactivated and deleted my instance. Making this completely useless. So I had to make a request for an increase in quota. | The request was denied but then I got an email stating that if I pay $35. | 00 upfront, to make sure that I was “not a robot”, then it would process my request. So I promptly paid the requisite hostage/extortion money on a so-called free trial, and got contacted by a dude from Google stating that he will look into it. | Days go by and I hear nothing, I reply back to his email multiple times but he goes cold/silent. Then out of frustration I initiated a new Quota request, for the exact same thing, and then I’m asked to pay another additional $75 before they will even consider my request, while they closed out the other pending request that was never implemented. I contacted them back with proof of purchase screenshots and explained everything, but I’m mistreated again with nothing but silence. | So as of now, I’m out $35, still can’t run any instances, and can’t even use the allegedly $300 free trial at all. How is this not a scam of epic porportions perpetrated by one of the largest Internet advertising marketing companies in the world who’s formal sloggan was “do no evil”?! | How is this a free trial? How is this not a deceptive bait and switch scam of epic proportions?

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