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Beware of Golden LivingCenter

I work for healthcare services now and Iam a housekeeper and laundry attendant for this company. The people they have in management lack any type of professionalism, nor do they care about their workers. One day i was working and i had a toliet that was clogged. i told my boss i wasnt able to clean it due to being clogged. so, as she was to come in and check my work she tells me that i have to plunged the toliet , i told her that we have maintance that its not my job as a housekeeper to plundge a toliet. She says in a loud tone in front of employees, that if i dont i would not have a job. Now at this point i am very upset and i start to walk away from her in tears. she follows me as i am calling her boss she yells;get off my clock and out of the building bye….i dont need u bye…yelling.. So, now i am getting tranfurred and her boss tells her to leave me alone for now. But, now she has cut my hours from 51hrs to 10hrs a week. also, she has done ghost employment, changed peoples time after they have worked so she can bonus, and more. I have tried to talk to her boss but really there is no one for employees to talk to about problems, and concerns.i have tried to talk to her boss but did no good. i was told that i need to follow the chain of comand but u cant. because of what she did there was 2 residents that went to the director and i was accused of talking to him and i did not. they told me to keep my mouth shut and just do as i was told. This company has made me take 4 Tb tests, a drug screen. all because they tranfured me to another building. i had to restart my 90 days all over again too. They keep hiring and they dont have enough hours is what i was told.But yet they ask everyone else to work over i am not allowed. mkes no sence.

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