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Beware of GoBank

I work for Uber and deposit my earnings into this Uber debit card. I have noticed money missing periodically in different amounts every so often and noticed one Saturday after midnight a my account was negative -$180. Luckily my money was in my Vault so the amount that was supposed to be deducted( $180) was not available to be accessed! I was on the phone and took sometime to get to a live representative because I could not sleep and when I did get to a rep, they looked into it and informed me I was not in the negative. Mysteriously, I looked at my phone and the negative amount had disappeared! | Two days ago, I went to take out money from and ATM and I was in the negative for $10. I desperately needed gas and had to take out $50 which I only got $40 because of an unknown $10 deduction. I called customer support and they informed me that they will open an investigation ticket and I would get an email verification. I never got a verification. The very next day I had $30 in my Vault, which is supposed to be in, and low and behold, I was missing $10 and it stated $20 was there. At the beginning of utilizing this card, I was not keeping up with my funds and suspected that money was going missing and now and I know for sure and who knows how much has been stolen from me over 1.5 years!

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