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Beware of Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life Insurance has been taking money from me over a period of years. Every month I pay and every month they say I am behind and my insurance on my children are going in lapse. The next month I catch it up then the following month the say again I am behind and the insurance is going into lapse. This have been going on for about 3 years. Plese hepl me. | I have asked for direct withdrawl application for them to withdraw from my bank account for a couple years now and never receive one so I pay from month to month from debit card or the draft my account whereever the feel to or most times I call for them to draft my account and they lie that my Bank denied their request and my Bank said if the tried to draft my account and no money was there the would have charged me, so they didn’t even try to draft my account only to try and confused me. They are now trying to make my insurance lapse or get ride of it altogether. | I call the 1800 Customer service number and the have me on hold for 30 minutes to an hour and then hang up. Playing these mind games. They keep hanging up before I get to talk to an Agent. This been going on for far too long. | Can you please help me. I have invested in this Insurance for yeras. I have paid with Visa Debit, Money Orders, and through my Saving Account.

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