Global Image Talent Management

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Beware of Global Image Talent Management

Maria Whatley is complete Scam artist. | She places pictures of all the celebrities in front of you and promises that she knows all of them and this and that…blah blah blah. | If you look closer on all of the pictures of her with these celebs you can see that they are all at either a night club or a christmas party. Funny enough, many of the pictures come from the same party. She promised to introduce me to Jame Fox and that she can get me on a reality show, but all I had to do was pay her 10,000. | Wrong. I am not dumb enough to fall for that. She is a complete fraud and lier. Please dont be dumb enough to think that the endustry works that way. She used to work for a company called JRP and Now she works for a company called Celebrity Experiance. | She will say anything she has to so she can get her fingers into your pocket book. Her and the company she works for is a complete scam.

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