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Beware of Global Financial Funding Group

I was introduced to “Carlos & Martha Ruiz” from (“Global Financial Funding Group” aka. “GFFG”) in March. Martha confirmed Carlos had helped many people who had issues with predator loan companies. After Martha and I had a long conversation she took my information such as name, address, ss #, and told me to sign up with equifax. She also told me she was a Real Estate Agent and would help me with refinancing my mortgage. | Carlos finally met with me. He told me he was an attorney and had many years of experience. He assured me my second was a non-secured loan and convinced me I was being ripped off by the company who held my second. He advised me to stop making payments. He told me he would start working on my case right away. Martha took $300 cash from me and I agreed to deposit $200 on the weekend and $500 a month for 24 months. After my transaction they mentioned they had collected about $12k and Martha joked about going to Vegas with the money. | After a few weeks of not hearing from Carlos or Martha I had a lot of questions and they weren’t being answered. I asked for my file and was never provided with anything. Carlos never showed me proof that he sent a letter out to my “second” or that he was working on having my credit repaired. | I started getting suspicious of Carlos and Martha Ruiz. I attempted on several occasions to get a hold of either one but it was nearly impossible. I decided to look into Carlos Ruiz’ history. I found Carlos was not licensed to practice law and was not part of the American Bar Association. I also found a rip off report on him and decided to confront him. He gave me a long smooth story and said he didn’t need a license to practice law. | I also started feeling wrong about not making the payments to my “second”. I was able to get a hold of Carlos and explained that since my loan was a joint account I didn’t want to go through with it if it would affect the other party’s credit. | The service we agreed on was for him to repair my credit and have my “second” discharged. We had a descent conversation and he understood that from the very first day I told them I didn’t want to ruin my parent’s credit. He said there were no hard feelings and he would return my money in a couple days. | After a couple days went by he then said his partner was really upset and didn’t want him pulling money from petty cash. He said, I would have to wait a month to get my reimbursement. | When the month went by he said, unfortunately his accountants father had passed away and she was out of town. According to him she was the only one that could give me the reimbursement and she wouldn’t be back for a month. | When that month was up he told me he wanted to get me the reimbursement but his partner was giving him a hard time and actually wanted to sue me for wasting their time. At this point I decided to look into suing Carlos but he ended up reimbursing me. | However he did not take into consideration the damage he caused. | When I contacted my “second” in order to be able to bring my loan back to good standing I had to pay $1000.00 plus refinance the loan…loosing 5 years. Meaning I had 10 years left on my loan and by refinancing I added 5 years…I now have 15 years of payments. Not to mention the stress I went through and the time I lost.

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