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Beware of GlassesUSA

In August of last year, I ordered a pair of eyeglasses from GlassesUSA. After receiving them, within the first 24 hours the nosepiece had broken off and I felt I had gotten a very poorly made frame, although the lenses were fine. I called and spoke to a customer service rep, Mr. Rocco Shemtov, and told him I would take a chance and order a replacement pair, which were more expensive, which I hoped would help with the quality and be better made. He told me it could take up to a month or more to do the exchange, and we would get the new pair much faster if we ordered and paid for it, and he would make notes in the computer that when the 1st pair came in for exchange, it was for poor quality, and no restocking fee would apply. | I received the 2nd pair and again, the quality was poor. I called customer service and initiated a return for the 2nd pair, and was aware that I would be paying a restocking fee based on their policy. After waiting 8 weeks from shipping the first pair back, my PayPal account was credited, minus the 20% restocking fee I was assured I would not be charged. I called customer service and was very rudely told that this was their policy and it’s clearly written on their website. They would not check the computer for notes that the first rep who helped me with the exchange order was supposed to have entered so I would not be charged. | 6 months later, voluminous emails, phone calls, and having the BBB of Greater NY help me file a claim, I am still trying to get my almost $300 back on the 2nd returned pair, for which I have the proof of delivery. When also filing a claim with PayPal, which is how I paid for these eyeglasses, my claim was eventually denied because the address of record that they have on file for GlassesUSA is not the address that the prepared return label that GlassesUSA provides for returns, and the address that my Proof of Delivery shows. | I am not going to give up, as many complainants on the BBB website and have done. I work very hard for my money and to have to pay over $300 (between the restocking fee and the $289.95 I spent on the 2nd pair, and have no eyeglasses, is fueling my desire to let the world know what a crooked company this is. In researching, I found that the company is not even an American company, it is an Israeli company and the owner is an Israeli who resides outside of the USA. BBB shows many complaints on file, most of which are ignored by GlassesUSA and closed with no resolution. | BEWARE buying from this scam company and if you decide to do it anyway, Do Not Use PayPal, where you will have no recourse, even with Proof of Delivery, because the way GlassesUSA is registered with PayPal, PayPal does not recognize the returns address as belonging to GlassesUSA.

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