Glass book

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Beware of Glass book

Interesting finding this article here since I had the same experience submitting a story that was promised to be in print where she leaked my images all over instagram with out my permission then the story never went anywhere and theres no print story that I promised the model agency and stylist! The previous complaint is close to exactly my experience and Jasmines reply is exactly what she told me 9 months ago in March 2015. I thought it was odd that she posed so many covers and I couldnt find the magazine anywhere or any magazine store that heard of her either. I searched for days! I took it a step further to just go to her office to hopefully pick up a magazine in person at the address she has listed on google as: 127 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001 and they have never had a tenant named Glassbook i history according to the super.

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