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Beware of Gina Jones

In 2015 I was contacted by Gina several times. Wanting to perform in my bar in Los Angeles, Ca. Faxed over her resume and talked up a storm on her music abilities and musicians she has played with throughout her career. Assuring me she would fill up my bar with her fans. Claimed she had a huge following. I ahe a very small bar with no stage and occasioinally ai have a Musician come and play on weekends. Afer many calls from her I said ok. Booked her two dates in July on a weekend. Friday and Saturday evening for 4 hours each night at $125.00 per night. She wanted more and I said if you bring in the crowds you claim I will pay you more and book you more events. She said she was living and flying in from Nashville. Remember I have a small bar. It was a Friday when she showed up around 1pm. She was scheduled to play at 7pm. She came in introduced herself and wanterd to set up. I walked out to her car and was shocked. She was driving a 70s or 80s Balck Volvo with duct tape basically holding it together. The sunroof was gone passenger window were completely duct taped. No windows at all. The muffler was duck taped holding it from falling to the ground and had Idaho plates. All she had was a old beat up acoustic guitar. I was amazed and a bit shockred than thinking I was scammed. I said I thought you were flying in and she said she loved to drive and claimed she had just perfortmed in Palm dale just a few hours away. She asked if I had an amp and somewhere she could stay. At this point I really didn’t feel good about this. But I gave into her charm and called a friend who brought over a small amp for her to use. I told her of several motels in the area to stay. She than asked if she could stay at my place or a friends place. I said no. She than asked if she could be paid up front and again I said no. She than came in and sat at tghe bar talking with a few patrons. I told her over the phone I would give her free drinks and she clainmed she was a good Christian and didn’t drink. She asked for a shot of Tequilla. I said I thoughht you didn’t drink? She said she was nervous and she needed a drink to calm her nerves. A good 6 shots later and mixed drinks it was now close to 7pm. Meeting and flirting with many she found several places to stay. She assured me she would fill my bar. There was virtually noone there except for the few she had flirted with at the bar. She played for her few hours taking many breaks and continued drinking tellimg stories between songs about how famous she was and throwing famous country stars she has played with. To a crowd of about 8 people. I asked her where all her fans were and she said they will be here. Noone ever showed. Not a one. After she finished I still paid her the $150 I had promised. She said she would see me the following night for the second performance. | Went to a regualar customer of mine to his place to stay. I knew at that time I was going to check her resume out the following week thinking I was conned. The next night was the same. Noone there and a drunk musician. She was slurring by 8:30 pm. At 9pm I told her she was done. I turned off the amp and unplugged it. SHE LOST IT AT THAT POINT. tELLING ME SHE COULD RUIN ME AND MY BUSINESS AND WOULD CALL THE POLICE. I just wanted her out and said I will call the police. I still paid her,,, her fees again and she went off with a different customer. Before leaving she said she will ruin my business. Her fans would destroy me. It wasn’t till next day Sunday she had taken the amp which wasn’t hers. What a con job. The following week I started checking out the resume calling all. None were true. Noone had even heard of her on her resume. So I furthered my investigation hiring someone to do so. Here are the findings. She lives in Hagerman, Idaho with family. She lives on welfare. Medicaid as well. She has never performed with anyone famous. She once played at a fair by the food court on the lawn for a few bucks while Blake Sheldon played the stadium adjacent to the fair the following night. She claimed on her resume she opened up for Blake Sheldon. NOT TRUE! She drives around the country playing small bars scamming owners and patrons for money, gas, or pretty much anything. I’ve now talked with a good 12 bars she has done this exact type of thing. Drinks plenty of Tequilla and charms her way around 5 or more states. and I will say she is a good talker. A professional con artist. I had about 5 reviews of my bar at that time. Than within 10 days I had so many horrible reviews of my club under alais names of people that didn’t even live close to here. All the same type slams. I than realized they were all reviews from her. | Back to the investigation. She owes the State of Idaho alot of money from a lawsuit she lost by the injured families of her drunk driving accident years earlier there. She will be paying the families in Idaho for the rest of her life losing the lawsuits. She is a social media crazy. She has numerous facebook, Instagram and pintrest accounts. Too many to count. most under her name and many under false names. If yoiu own a bar or a small club. This is who she attcks because she knows they won’t check her credentials BEWARE!!! Her reveiws of your business will be hurt.

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