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Beware of Giftedlilones

Barbara Rocha, the owner of Gifted Lil Ones is a complete fraud and total rip off. We ordered one pair of jeans from her in OCTOBER. Yes…. OCTOBER. and have yet to receive them or hear anything from her except excuses, at first. But now she just completely ignores us and has made her Instagram private so I can’t comment on her stuff asking about my order that I haven’t recieved in 9 months. If you’re not a “celebrity” client then you’re clearly not important enough to get your order or to even be answered back. I’ve seen her do this to more than one person. It’s funny how she can constantly be commenting on her “celebrity” clients photos but can’t answer questions about an order she hasn’t sent for 9 months. She doesn’t mind taking your hard earned money and ripping you off. Please save your time and your money

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