Giannone Companies Towing Enforcment

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Beware of Giannone Companies Towing Enforcment

I owed money on a loan $200, which I didn’t even know about and they towed my car to their facilities. They did this at 11:30 PM, I heard some noise I looked out and saw them towing the car which is when I found out that I owed $200 on an old loan, which has nothing to do with them whatsoever. The gentleman was the most ignorant rude person i’ve had the displeasure of running into. I told him I wanted to get my wallet out of the car and he told me that I couldn’t touch the car or any of thing in it it belong to them now. In order for me to get my belongings they wanted $175. Now I only had till 25 April to do so and now I don’t know where any of my items are. They have my personal belongings personal I mean my license my wallet , $56 that’s in my wallet, my credit cards, My personal pictures, my Social Security card my Medicare card my handicap tag along with other personal items. They are rude ignorant individuals and refuse to give me those few personal items they want to $175 for them which I refuse to pay. So they have the car and if I want the car back it’s $25 a day that they’ve had it that they want to get the car back the car was falling apart and I was going to junket anyway so they can have the d**n car. So I’m not sure where that leaves me but these people are thieves. Can you imagine wanting $175 to get my personal items out. Again I don’t know what I can do about this but people be where these people are thieves

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