Gables Sugarloaf

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Beware of Gables Sugarloaf

DO NOT be fooled by the price of the apartment vs. the quality you get. Apartment living is never ideal but this place is rediculous. My family was in awe of how beautiful gables seemed when we first moved in, that didn’t last long. Neighbors screaming and yelling at each other, gun shots… Yes. And when you complain to management with your safety concerns they act like its rediculous and your the only one complaining and they question what you even heard. Well apparently my neighbors been hearing it too, we moved out the same day. Also the pool is beautiful right? Well all the other complexes around think so too, cause they all just walk right through the gates whenever a car open it up. You would think it’s a festival everyday because there’s always gobs of people walking in and out of the complex and all around it as well, you don’t know who lives there and who doesn’t. And the courtesy officer, I’ve never seen him… Only his car that he parks at the front I guess as an intimidation factor. The pool will close several times during the summer to do work on the roofs or whatever they say they are doing but I don’t believe they ever do, one time they said they were doing work on the roofs but we saw a note on the door from the state saying they didn’t pay their fees to the county to have the pool open. This place is not as nice as it seems. You are not paying for safety you might as well move in somewhere with a cheaper rate.

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