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Friendly Computers

Do not work for! Do not do business with! | I’m a former franchisee. There was a group of us doing well. We had heard the stories of people that had lost their stores to these guys, but they always came up with a plausible reason for the termination. We tracked down some of these people and spoke with them. They told us the tricks they used to take over successful franchises. | For me and a couple others they waited until my store was doing well. Then they started harrassing me about an ad I had in the yellowpages. Keep in mind that their marketing program of “take out a telephone ad” sucks and does not work. They contacted the phone company and took possession of the phone numbers. Which cut off all my business. They rerouted my phone numbers to them and took out a craigslist ad and hired a tech for $15 an hour when I was billing at $75/hour. I had to let go of entire staff of 5. All the while they were filing lawsuits that meant nothing, but I could not afford to respond to each and every one. I was told this is a tactic used by large franchises to starve out the franchisee. But the thing that was seriously disturbing is that steve ward which is about 350 lbs of chewed bubblegum threateded me and my daughter. | Lastly, they debited my checking account multiple time until they found an amout they could take. They started at 25K, then 20K and ended up taking 15K out of my banking account. | God has a funny way of working and I’m with knowing that sooner or later they will get exactly what’s coming to them and I’ll have nothing to do with it. Their parents have to be proud to have raised a convicted pedofile and scammers.

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