Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

Phone: 212-204-8831

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Beware of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

I was working for Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park directly under HOWARD AXEL the CEO of the organization. In the begining he was very nice to me, on my first week we went for a cofee together where he told me that he wants to mentor me. | Everything was good in the begining, sometime he invites me to events. His reason was he wants me to network with the right people. After 3 events that i went with him he started getting very touchy with me. On one event he asked me to have a night cap in his place, I complied. | When we arrived at his place he offered me a drink and we chat a bit then he went to the bedroom and after a few minute he yelled at me to go in. He asked me for a massage and started getting naked. I was very reluctant and tried leave and told me that I am straight. He asked me have I ever heard of “gay for pay”. I said no, he said these are straight guys who are pretend to be gay for money and that my pay is keeping my job and maybe a promotion if I do well by him. | After 10 to 15 minutes i was feeling very tired but still concious. HOWARD AXEL raped me that night. The next morning when i was concious again, I left the place in a hurry and quit my job. |

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