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I was reached out to by this man claiming to be a lead generation company on LINKED IN Sep 1 2017. When we spoke, he claimed to provide leads from white collar professionals interested in buying a business or franchise at $40 per lead. We began to receive the leads and quickly realized this is a scam, a lot of the leads numbers and email address were incorrect or not existing, emails bounced back, leads were unemployed or on assistance or disabled some were not interested in a franchise or had ever heard of one so we requested a cancellation 10-4-2017. | Out of 30 leads received in 1 state in the first month not one was a viabe lead. We work with many other lead generation portal and the quality of lead here was simply just not there, it was a complete waste of time and money to call and email. Matt said as per his contract we had a 30 day cancellation and they would stop billing us for leads Nov 4th. He since than begged us multiple times to continue to give him opportunities and try his leads but we have refused. I have emailed and called him numerous times requesting to cancel leads but he continues to send and bill them to us and now he no longer answers. | We have had to report him to our credit card company and also checked his website were he claims to be a member of the BBB and have social media pages all which are fake. This man is scamming people and now not responding to our continued requested for no contact and cancellation. He and his company are copied on this email and can the only place were they can be found online is the website and his linked in. Below, please find MULTIPLE email in which we request cancellation.

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