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Beware of Fly Infinite

DO NOT…..Let me repeat…..DO NOT use this agency!!!! Their only concern is to deceive you and charge you more money than what was agreed. I called Fly Infinite 11 months prior to my trip. My “concierge” was Jeff Vaynshteyn. Our initial conversation said that he couldn’t get me seats so far ahead of time. He told me that he could get me an earlier flight and then he would rebook for the dates I needed when they became available at NO extra charge to me. | I called him once a month to see what progress there was on my booking. Jeff kept telling me that nothing had opened up yet but he was keeping an eye on things. Finally, after six months I began to get quite nervous. When I told Jeff that it seemed to be taking a long time, he assured me that once the Christmas Holidays were over that seats would start to “open up.” I called again near the end of January and Jeff tells me that he still doesn’t have anything. | So, I’m now very nervous. He has taken over $5000 dollars of my money and after waiting for NINE months he still can’t get me a flight. However, he promises me that I will ABSOLUTELY have a flight in time for my vacation. Weeks start to go by and I am becoming more and more frantic. Also, Jeff has become unavailable. He’s talking with another client or he is not in the office or whatever the excuse is at the moment. Of course, this just makes me more frantic. | Finally, after more than 10 months of waiting and with less than 3 weeks to my vacation, he tells me that he has secured some flights. They aren’t what he had told me about earlier, but they aren’t bad flights and they fit within the dates I had asked him for. | Now, remember, he told me in our original conversation that there would be NO EXTRA CHARGES when he got my flights. About 5 days after he tells me about these flights, the airline tells me that my flights were cancelled. It is also at this time that I discover that I had been booked with Airline Points. AIRLINE POINTS???? I paid cash……So, now I am really beside myself. I get a hold of Jeff….he finally took my call and he tells me that he knows the cause and he can fix it. This was on a Friday. By the following Tuesday he still hasn’t fixed the problem even though he has told me that he knows exactly what was wrong. | Finally, with less than 2 weeks left before I am supposed to leave, I get a call from “Frank.” He says he is the Operations Manager and he has “salvaged” my reservation. He reads it to me and it isn’t in any way the reservation I had previously and it doesn’t fit within my date span either. In addition to this, he tells me that he needs more than $1100 dollars more. MORE??? I told him that I had been assured there would be NO additional charges. He told me that there were “additional taxes” and that’s what the cost was. He then mentioned to me that I would be leaving in just a few days and what would I like to do. It was at this point I knew I was scammed. It was pay the additional money or lose it all. I was down to the last minute and they knew it. They had stalled and stalled until there was no further choice but to take what they offered. This was my first and LAST time to deal with these people. I just hope that by telling my story here I can prevent others from suffering the same fate.

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