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Beware of Flagship Merchant Services

I was contacted by Edward Carmona of Flagship Merchant Services regarding a bank card reader. I was participating in a few craft bazzars and needed a bank card reader. | I filled out a contract and i was told that nothing can be done without me authorizing it. Found out that was not the case. I was charged for a product that i do not have. I returned the card reader the day it came in the mail. | I contacted Edward several times by phone and e-mail he did not answer either. | A month or so later on my bank account i was charged by the above company. i stopped payment via dispute from my bank and won the case. A few weeks later i was charged from the above company for cancelling my payment and an additional fee of insufficent funds it came to arount 53.00. | I contacted flagship account services and explained everything to the lady on the phone she laughed in my face and told me it was my problem. wrote Edward and phoned him again no contact. Next month i got a letter from collections and now they are calling 6 or more times a day. i think it is now eight dollars. | i have all the emails that i sent and received.

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