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DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FIX YOURE CREDIT YELP REVIEWS…. ITS A BAITIN SYSTEM…..SANDRA the CEO of the company gets all the negative reviews removed off the yelp page. If you vilolate yelps terms and conditions when writeing a negative review it can be flagged and taken down. Also she gets all of her friends and family to write positive reviews. NOW thats just start of this whole scam of a buisenesss. | This busniess is a scam!! Sandra clamed she has secrets to getting negative iteams removed off my credit report BUT she can not share them with me or tell me how she gets anything removed off my credit report. She orginally offered to give me a special deal of $1,400 to get 7 collections off my credit report. She said that she uses a form with a FRAUD ALPHADETA to get negataive iteams taken off my credit report. NOTHING CAME off my credit report and its been 8 months!!! I asked for my money back and she said no because she dosent guarantee results. | So now Im out of $1400 11 months later and still in the same position with my credit score. | It sucks that I had to go as far as writing a review to be hurd. But Its really ashame how Sandra and Fix youre credit consulting scams people out of their money with luring inocent people in with fake yelp reviews. I know Im not the only one thats had a problem with this company so I will al be adding reviews and reporting this company to the better business bureau and every business REVIEW website. Also I will be writing a review on there yelp page to warn everyone els. AND I WILL WRITE IN MY YELP REVIEW HOW TO WRITE A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON THEIR PAGE AND NOT HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN. The trick is to not violate yelp terms and conditions when writing a review.

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