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Beware of First Class Vacations

CRUISE FIREFLY, FIRST CLASS VACATIONS BY UNLICENSED SCAMSTER JEFFERY NAHOM. | | | | FIRST CLASS VACATIONS | CRUISE FIREFLY | Suite 212 | 1515 SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY | BOCA RATON FLORIDA 33432 | (800) 650-5124 | Officers, Board Members, Directors, Vice Presidents, Business Partners and Consultants: | Richard Nahom | Jeffrey Nahom | Andrew Smith | Wayne Wiggins | Jeffery Vanderpol | Christina Rosario | Brent Snipes | HAVE YOU BEEN SELECTED TO RECEIVE A DISCOUNTED CRUISE FROM CRUISE FIREFLY? | HAVE YOU BEEN OFFERED 75% OFF YOUR NEXT CRUISE? | GET ONE FREE PROMOTION? | IN THE CASE OF CRUISE FIREFLY, FIRST CLASS VACATIONS THE SCAM IS REASONABLY SIMPLE; JEFF NAHOM CHARGES $698. | 00 BUT NONE OF THE COST OF A CRUISE IS IN THIS CHARGE. THIS CHARGE IS JUST THE CUSTOMERS FRONT END COST. $698 OR ANY AMOUNT DEMANDED UPFRONT PAYS FOR ZERO TOWARDS YOUR CRUISE OR IN FACT ANY VACATION. | HOWEVER, BEFORE WE GET INTO JEFF NAHOM’S NEFARIOUS SCAM BUSINESS, LET’S BREIFLY LOOK INTO FLORIDA TELEMARKETING LAWS TO SEE IF CRUISE FIREFLY OR FIRST CLASS VACATIONS HAS EVER BEEN A LEGITIMATE TELEMARKETER IN ITS PRIOR TEN YEARS OF BUSINESS? | Florida’s Division of Consumer Services manages all of the licenses for telemarketers. Businesses that wish to telemarket must apply for permission to do so, which includes disclosing criminal histories of all the applicants and copies of all sales scripts to be used in order to comply with licensing criteria. Salespeople for telemarketing businesses must also obtain individual licenses for a fee of $50.00 P/A per person. The business application carries a $1,500 P/A fee, and business applicants must also post a bond of $50,000. | Every licensed telemarketing organization has a valid license number and every sales person has a valid license number issued by FDACS. | Telemarketers may only call between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. in the time zone of the person being called. They may not block their name or number from showing up on the recipient’s Caller ID system. Telemarketers can’t tell you that you can only pay for their service by credit card or otherwise express any preference for payment method. From the moment you answer the call, the marketer has 30 seconds to state his or her real name, the company’s name, address and telephone number and the goods or services being offered. | Who do telemarketers that don’t have licenses answer to? | The Florida Telemarketing Act governs the actions of these businesses. All non-exempt telemarketing companies must be licensed with FDACS, and post a security bond of no less than $50,000 and have every salesperson licensed prior to soliciting a single potential customer.

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