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Is a scam? No and Yes. | Rick Carlin will do exactly as he says. He will deliver an unbelievable number of visitors to your site. Your statistics will explod!. Everything he says is true. HOWEVER, the implication is that his visitors are real visitors – people. THEY ARE NOT. Every one of the hundreds or thousands of visitors will be bots. No living, breathing person will ever see your impressive banners. | Only those who download his special app will. Only his dupped customers will be able to see his other duped customers. If you are looking for numbers to impress your friends and neighbors, the two grand may be worth it. If you need to have actual people view your site, steer clear. Rick is a nice guy but doesn’t mind telling half truths. And once you discover his ruse he won’t refund even a penny even if there are 364 days left in your contract.

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