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Beware of Fifi African Hair Braiding

Do not for the love of God come here. The braiders here only want your money and will do anything to get it. They are predators that will get reported for health inspection violations and lack of licensure. I’m going to preface this by saying that these are not licensed professionals so proceed with caution. I went in last week to get my hair braided and was taken for a ride. 1.) The braider that I made it seem like I was getting a good deal. WRONG . I brought my own hair but the braider informed me that I had the wrong brand. She showed me the brand of “higher quality” telling me to touch the hair and feel the difference. BUT.. There was no difference. They send their clients on a wild goose chase to find “their preferred brand” of hair so that they can up charge clients by having them use their hair. In my naietivty, I listened and used their hair. MISTAKE. I now realize that the braider never turned me adequately the entire time because she was using a stale bag of weave. | The higher quality hair shown to me was for show. An evil woman with bad intentions (She appears younger with two boys – not sure of a name). They used combs between clients. If confronted they will LIE. I was in excruciating pain and wanted to cry. She knew that my scalp was slowly getting inflamed but said NOTHING. The unruly woman used her child to distract me from the pain by enlisting me to help him “learn to read.” Since I was employed as a teacher last year and was in immense pain (throbbing headache/dizzy), I agreed. I was determined to help the kid, but the evil woman had bad intentions. The top portion of my hair is short so she tugged and tightly braided that section. I have red spots as a result. 3.) The snacking and unruly children. After completing ten braids in my hair, the unruly hair braider asked me to sign a notebook with my contact info, the date, and the amount charged.. then proceeded to ask for payment. After completing a couple more, she asked me if it was OK to leave my hair to purchase chips. Her and her unruly bratty children were annoying so I agreed . The children were loud and obnoxious. They constantly fought over toy cars and were disciplined by the used of a hair brushes. They ran all over the shop and we’re just terrible. The braider snacked while doing my hair. It was disgusting. 4.) Poor customer service! They will eat and drink refreshments but won’t offer you any. My braider talked on her phone loud as all hell and took frequent breaks to discipline her unruly children. A girl askee about the where abouts of her braider. As it was 9 am, her scheduled braider called one of the ladies, in the shop, and informed her that she’ll be running late as the woman just woke up! The lady in store mistakenly replied in English “you just woke up?” and the girl reacted and said “did she say she just woke up?.” The lady quickly say “No, it’s someone else.” An hour later, her braider arrived. GIRLS: I advise you not to come here. My braids were too tight and I suffered inflammation, redness/soreness and fever-like symptoms when I got home. I took ibuprofen and tried toughen it out but I uninstalled my hair early the next morning. The place is red flag city. The braiders will lie to desperate girls who want to get their hair done. They up charge you with lies. Heed my WARNING. Stop giving them business. They can keep the $220. I can make that while making an HONEST living.

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