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Beware of Fidelity Audit

I started working with Robert Smith with Fidelity Audit Group in January 2017. He said he was notified by my mortgage company to possibly help me not have my house foreclosed on. All paperwork was legit, he said it was going to cost $1500 for attorney fees and I could make 4 installments of $375. I paid all the legal fees and the foreclosure on my house still happened. | I notified Robert and he said no it’s ok, our attornies are working on that. Do not leave your house, that will be you giving your house to them. About a month later I received a letter saying that my house had been auctioned off. I called Robert and again, he said that the attorney team is on it and they will take care of it. About 3 weeks later I had a visit from a deputy saying I had 24 hours to get out of my house. I was so scared. The deputy was able to get it pushed out about 4 days. I called Robert again, he said do not leave your house. | Our attorney team will get this fixed. After that I couldn’t ever get him back on the phone. 4 Days later I had to leave my house that I had been in for 14 years. I take care of my elderly mother on oxygen, my son, and my fiance’. We were all homeless. Plus my 7 animals. I had to put my mom in a nursing home. My son went to live with a friend and me and my fiance’ were homeless!! I have emailed, called. I have done everything I could do. I did hear back from Robert Smith about 3 weeks later and he said yes I will get my $1500 refund. | I gave him a good address to send it to. He also said that his attorney team will still be fighting this out with Bank of America and I will problably get a decent size amount of money due to this. The last time I heard from him was a few months ago in an email after I emailed him saying where is my refund. He said they sent it a week ago, did you change your address. I emailed him and called him back. No reply. | I have been emailing and calling for months with no return call. I recently called and just started dialing extensions. I left a messages on each extention, one of which says its operations management. Total BS!!! I will be getting a lawyer!! I am so broke. Just recently got a job, I had to leave the city I was in just to be able to have a roof over my head where my fiance’ has property!! If anyone can help me please contact me. Thank you.

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