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Beware of FedEx

I ordered a time sensitive product with 2 day delivery paid for; it included a transducer that must be installed in a boat hull before the boat goes in the water the end of next week. A hole must be drilled in the boat bottom and needs 4 days for the sealant to cure. I got an email on 3/21/18 saying the package would be delivered tomorrow (3/22/18). On 3/22 checking the Fed Ex tracking website the status changed to delivery pending. | I called customer service and was told there was a weather delay and the package would be delivered the next day, 3/23/18. On 3/23 I checked the website again and it still showed pending so I called again only to be told that there was an equipment delay and there waS no way I could even pick-up the package myself from Newark because itb was in a container. At 6 PM on 3/23 I callede yet again since the status had not changed and was told that they didn’t know anything new but that I would get it on Saturday 3/24. | Checking the tracking website later that night the website said that it had departed Newark at 8:12 PM. I again checked the tracking website on Saturday morning (3/24) and I saw another entry that said it departed Newark at 7:40 AM on 3/24. How is this even possible if it really left the night before. I called customer service yet again at 8:15 AM and they said I would be receiving the package today (3/24) by noon. Well noon came and went and still no package and the website still showed pending so I called again. | Now they are telling me that the container finally arrived in Edison, NJ (the final Fed Ex shipping location) but the package is still in the container so I can’t go pick it up. They said it should be delivered on Monday (3/26/18) but the couldn’t guarantee it. I asked if they could deliver the package by 10:30 AM on Monday and they said ‘maybe’, but that assumes it really goes out for delivery on Monday with no guaratees. | So here I sit, no package and waiting at least 6 days for a package that was guaranteed 2 day delivery. If I don’t get it by noon on Monday there won’t be enough time to install it in the boat and have the sealant cure before the boat launches. I have a charter for next weekend that I will have to cancel costing me $ 1500. And to think that I paid extra for 2 day service. No one at Fed Ex seemed to care. I could understand a 1 day weather derlay but beyond that things were totally under Fed Ex control and they did nothing to expedite this matter. | Equipment delay, well get a new truck! And why show that it left Newark on Friday night if it didn’t? NOBODY CARES! I guess that I have no recourse other than to complain on this website. I will boycot Fed Ex whenever possible. They may think that they are too big to be concerned about 1 customer but if enough people read this it might make a difference. And to think that I can’t even get a refund for the 2 dayv shipping that I paid extra for.

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