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Beware of FastField by Merge Mobile

Be very careful if you do business with this company. They will NOT stand by their products, their customer service is non-existent and they will get you to spend tons of your time and effort and then hit you with additional charges that are beyond reason. | According to their website you can sign up with them for one user, with unlimted forms and unlimited applications for that user. What they won’t tell you up front is that there is NO way to publish your form to the public in mobile format. Every customer that you want to have fill out a form get this you have to pay them $20.00 per form. so yes 100 customers would be are you ready for this–$2000. And they act like this is a great deal..good grief you got to be kidding me. | Now you don’t find this out until you have invested hundreds of hours in form creation. (Oh did I mention they ahve a team standing by to create your form for a hefty fee, so after that fee they can break the news to you about the additional expenses, but I digress here)….Anyway you will find out when you are ready to publish your form that it’s impossible to do so. Nope you have to pay $20.00 for another user and play reindeer games to use the form YOU created. | Try getting someone to respond in that company. If they do respond it’s to shift blame, not man up to their mistakes and to shine you on, bragging about how good they are, how they have 1000 companies signed up with them, never a complaint, blah, blah snore. | I’m sure there are a lot of ticked off customers but most of them just roll over and take it, and let this company continue to act like jerks. Hopefully some of you can now come out from the dark. | Now luckily I can back up every single thing I’ve said here with hard data that I’ve saved from their ahem helpful staff…(pardon me while I choke here)….nobody there can take responsibilty for anything so you will find that they hand you off to someone else, that person shines you on and they hope they make you dizzy enough to just go away. | So don’t be like me and spend hours and hours of your time, only to find out that there are going to be all kinds of extra charges, forrms that were developed by the devil they are so freaking user unfriendly, validation codes that don’t work, it’s real mess. | If they respond to this it will be with one of their patented whiny comments trying to obscure that I have EVERYTHING From them writing and can back up what I”m telling you. | I frankly have never seen a company with such a poor customer service attitude, and squirming out of any responsibility to man up and do the right thing in my life. | You’ve been warned…now it’s time to go do a Direct TV commercial so you won’t be like me and get burned by these numbskulls..

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