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Beware of Family Pet Clinic

BEWARE OF THIS VET 2 DOGS KILLED FROM MISDIAGNOSIS | FAMILY PET CLINIC of Southampton PA | On January 9th 2019, my dog was brought in to treat a UTI. Tests were ran, treatment was done, and I was charged $453.29. She was prescribed medication and we were told the UTI would go away. February 19th the dog was brought back for the same issue. She was treated again and sent home with more medication. I was charged $276.05. | On April 12th the dog was still having issues. We brought her back in again for treatment of a UTI. They charged me $281.93. Leaving there with hopes my dog would heal, we brought the dog home and gave her the medication as directed. The dog did not seem to get any better. On April 24th, the dog became even more ill. | She started vomiting blood and was very sickly. We brought her back to the Family Pet Clinic and they diagnosed her as having Pancreatitis. They had her stay for the day, pumping her full of fluids in hopes to fix the dogs same illness. They charged me $572.80 for this service and sent the dog home. The next morning she became even worse. We brought her back again and they claimed the dog had a blockage and needed to go see another vet immediately. | We brought the dog to V-Sec where they treated her for a completely different illness. She did not have pancreatitis, she did not have a UTI, and she did not have a blockage. She had Stomach Cancer. V-SEC also stated that she had suffered a heart murmur. Most likely this was a result of being pumped with fluids for an illness she did not have. | In all, I’m disputing these charges because Family Pet Clinic did not treat my dog, they had actually made things worse. I was charged $1,584.07 for them to send me to another doctor that diagnosed the dog and now shes dying. I called them to rectify the situation. There response was that I actually owed them $200 and change and they’d waive that. THANKS Dr. Karen Becker, for completely screwing up the diagnosis, and charging me while doing it! | Second issue. During the first issue with my dog, my mothers dog was very ill, he was having issues breathing. She brought him in for treatment and they did the same thing. Filled him up with fluids and put him into heart failure. This also resulted in my mother bringing her dog to VSEC for them to correctly diagnosis him ending in his death. | The doctors at this facility have no idea what they are doing. They may as well be guessing when they tell you something. They don’t know how to speak to people, they dodge any argumentative phone calls, they do not own up to their mistakes. 2 misdiagnosis in the same couple months. That’s just in my family! I can’t imagine how many more are out there!

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