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Beware of Facebook, Inc.

I received and unsolicited email from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates saying i could work as little as 3 ours a day and eard $357 without selling, processing emails or anything in that nature. At 73 i was looking for something to add to my social security about $100 per week and it seemed interesting enough especially when the 2 people involved were two of the richest people alive today..Maybe that’s how they got their money ripping people off. | They advertised their program for $47.00 and once youpaid immedialey they hawed you to put up another 97 for the upgraded program and then som more for something else. i said no to the upgrades and saw as box with several videos. i clicked on one and someone started to give me the speil of my life. saing that i will make untold riches etc: i t hen explored the site and found that there were at least 11 more master videos and about 30 sub videos and all of it was mumbo jmjbo and u had to set up a secondary site wth word press and on and on.. | i wonder when they were going to get to the make money part becuase all i heard was how to set up another site to make them money and they would let me know what products t advertise and to what groups according to therir demos which i am sure were slanted towards them. | so i called and asked for a refund and the young lady on the line employee # 401 initials MJ no name said i could only get back 1/2 because i peeked at the video. I never knew peeking at a video could destroy it so no one else could use it especailly on the internet. Then when i asked to talk to a spvsr, she said that she was busy with the queue and couldn’t talk to me. So i caved in and said give me the 1/2 back but then i said why should i not get my hard earned money back so i called back and was told by someone else that once i sai ok to 1/2 that was it no more , noting i could do. | that is plain horse hockey pucks. if i have to broadcast it on TV (i have friends and NBC Miami i will and i will make sure that everyone hears about it on the internt.. i will put their names all over t he rags they try to sell. thank you

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