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Beware of Extreme Fit 180

I thought I would try out the 30 day free trial of Extreme Fit 180. It only required a $4.95 S&H payment. So, I entered all my information and selected the 30 day free trial. The next screen asked me if I wanted some other product for only $4.99 S&H. I did not, so I clicked the only available selection, ‘continue to checkout’. The, yet ANOTHER screen popped up and asked me if I wanted a third product for $24.95. I did not. so I again clicked the only available selection, ‘continue to checkout’. The next thing I know, my card has been charged and I was charged for all 3 of the mentioned products. I never had the opportunity to review my order. Had I, the 2 products that were automatically added to my bill could have been removed. So, now I’ve been ripped off, decided I did not want ANY of the products and have no desire to do business with a company that practices business in this manner. | So, I have to wait for these unwanted products to arrive before I can return them. Once received, I calle the company and was given an RA# and told not to open the box. I asked if all my money would be refunded. I was told, “Yes”. I asked if the return shipping would be paid for by their company. I was told, “No”. So, there is my second problem… I have to pay to return these items, two of which I never ordered to begin with. | Approximately a week later, after I had sent everything back as instructed, I called to find out why my money had not yet been refunded. At this point, I was told they had not yet received my return shipment. I was also told that I would only be refunded the $24.95, because they do not refund S&H. Which is NOT what I was told when I SPECIFICALLY asked about previously. The barely understandable woman on the other end of the call seemed disinterested in my frustration. I came to this conclusion after listening to her yawn in my ear a couple of times. So, now I will wait a couple of days and call back to find out if they are going to deny ever receiving the return shipment and attempt to keep the entire $34.89. I am certain I put the receipt from the USPS away for safe keeping and package tracking, so that will be one of my next steps… to track the package. | I discourage ANYONE from dealing with this company. I do not know if their product is any good, or not. BUT, what I DO know is this is a dishonest, deceitful company whose practices lack integrity and are designed to

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