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Beware of Explore Talent

I signed up with Explore Talent but did not pay. I began getting calls stating that several directors were interested in me for movies with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Zak Efron and other big actors. They stated that the jobs would be paying $842 per day plus travel and lodging expenses. Marcus stated that I would have to pay $299 for a Pro Membership before I could actually respond back for the jobs. I asked them why and told them if they were interested already I should not have to pay anything. Marcus began getting rude with me telling me he’s wasted his time on getting me these opportunities and that he could tell that I was not serious about a career in the acting business. I told him that it was Christmas time and my child came first. He responded by saying I wasn’t serious enough to get these jobs to make my child’s life easier. I proceeded to tell him that he did not have a clue what I have been through as a single mother that receives no child support. He continued to almost yell at me saying “I’ve wasted my time on you getting you these parts and your look is what everyone is wanting but you won’t pay $299 to better your life”. I then requested that he send me some type of documents stating that these people were interested in me and then I would pay $299 and he told me he could not produce such documents. I then hung up from Marcus and called back asking to speak to a supervisor by which I was connected to Louie. He was very polite but still insisted on me paying the $299 but he as well could not produce any type of documentation about these parts. I’m thankful I did not pay the $299 as I see a lot of people have. They should be shut down!

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