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Beware of Exclusivity Store

I saw an internet ad for these new led high powered ‘military grade’ flashlights and proceeded to place my order with Battle Flashlights. After placing the order with Battle Flashlights, I breceived my order confirmation. I also received order confirmation from another company called Exclusivity Store about a membership with monthly credit card charges of $8.95. | My order with Battle Flashlights was a paid in full credit card order and not ‘on account’. This new notification from Exclusivity Store about a membership is not something I asked or ‘clicked’ to receive. I called the number 844-324-9278 on the Exclusivity Store email and told them to cancel everything, as I have not ordered any membership. | I beleive this to be a scam whereby somewhere in the order form for the flashlights the company has made some reference to ‘automatic’ enrollment into a membership from Exclusivity Store. What a load of crap!! go kick their a**, or at least infrom others to bocyott both Battle Flashlights and Exclusivity Store. | Thank you,

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