Excalibur of Avondale Collision Repair

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Beware of Excalibur of Avondale Collision Repair

I took my daughters Jeep to this place to get repaired after she was involved in an accident and it was a terrible mistake. It took almost 2 weeks just to complete the estimate and almost another 3 weeks to actually get it on the frame rack. After that it was another 2 weeks before i got it back. Once i got it back i knew the minute i drove it that the vehicle was not repaired correctly as it vibrated so badly i had to take it to the dealer the next day where they found 2 broken motor mounts and a broken transmission mount which were from the accident. After that it had to go back to another mechanic at the Dodge dealer and have additional parts replaced that were missed in the initial repair. At this point i have been dealing with this for 2 months, the vehicle still does not drive right. When i confronted the owner Matt about the problems he tried to place the blame on me because i got involved at the end because it was taking so long and there were so many problems. At the end of the day if Matt and his incompetent staff would have done their job i would never had to have done anything other than pick up my vehicle and give it back to my daughter. Did i mention my rental car insurance benefits ran out also and i had to pay for an extra month out of my own pocket. Thanks Matt, you are a swell guy. These bad reviews are the real deal and since our business is right next to this shop we see other customers arguing and complaining about their work on a regular basis. Trust me you would be better off getting your car repaired in Sinaloa Mexico by the Cartel. Actually they are probably more honest. If there was a way to do negative stars i would. Do not use this shop, consider yourself warned again.

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