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Beware of Eviction Help 911

Law Offices of Richard Santos, (AKA): Evictions Help 911, Pro-legal Help 911, took me for $1,350.00… I contacted his “office” due to me being wrongfully/unfairly evicted. My landlord filed the eviction in retaliation for me ending my employment with her abusive mother. And since my landlord falsely stated that there is damage to the property, and that I’m renting out the living room. I wanted to defend myself from these accusations, thats when I came across the “Law Offices Of Richard Santos”. After explaining to him my situation, he said: “don’t worry about anything, give me $1,350.00 in 3 payments and I will get you 6 months time for you to move out; plus I will assist you in suing your landlord for discrimination, harasment, defamation of character”, and many other violations my landlord commited against me. I agreed and asked for his office address, Richard responded: he said: “I told you not to worry about anything, I’m sending my guy (KC) to pick up the first installment/payment of $450.00,, again I agreed. So this toothless crackhead named KC shows up, I hand him $450, I get a reciept. KC then said that he would be back in 10 days to collect the second $450 payment. Well he didn’t show up, I called Richard Santos, he said that his people were all sick and to send money via western union, which I immediately did. Then a week later I sent the final $450 payment. Didn’t hear anything from Richard. Then I received the case judgement in the mail, stating that I had to leave the property and that I pay $5,000.00 to landlord. I began to call Richard, I left messages, then my phone was blocked. I finally called him from a friends phone, Richard answered immediately, I asked what the f%k happened? what the f%k is going on? Richard camly responded.. “fax me the documents you got in the mail, I will fix this. And I will give you a discount on next month’s fee. I told him that there was no other fee, that I had paid him the $1,350, we agreed. He said: “Oh yeah, my mistake, just send me the documents, I’ll call you as soon as I correct the mistake the courthouse clerk had made”. Well that was said on 10/18/2016, it is now 10/26/2016, I have to leave the apartment, I don’t have money or any place to go, I don’t have any family. And I’m super pissed! | I was able to get through to Richards voicemail, I demanded that he give me my money back. I also texted him demanding the same thing. I haven’t heard from that rat b****** at all. But I have been getting threatning phone calls in the middle of the night… To stop my b******* and complaining or else! You know,, these f****** don’t scare me. I wish they had the cojones to follow thru with their threats. Honestly if they’d show up, I would kill them all. I understand how this might sound, but think about it… Richard Santos and his team of thieves have been doing this for quite some time now, I’m a 45 year old divorced man, and this is probably the most difficult situation ever in my life.. Can you imagine how families feel when they’re being evicted and there are children. Someone needs to end this pathetic con-man, someone needs to do society a favor. And all I’m saying is,, that I volunteer. I’m sure that if anyone is with me on this, you can easily reach me if you put the effort. I’m serious and I am down to end this clown. Thank you.

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