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Beware of Especially Yours

After she send the reverible mink coat that was on sale for 129,99 that are criminal who need to be turned in for unfairness to customer of not returning people money of refunding or giving credit to their credit card after item is returned and make thing right for good standard honestly go a long ways. | do not use this company they are dishonest if you buy they will rif you off and keep your money, if you use credit card they will not credit your account they will keep your merchandise and will not returned it, like they did my mother and give to their own charity, like they told my mother, which I beleive is their employee walking around wearing these item they are low- down business nobody, want to be somebody. trying to live off the one who let them with away with it, but Iam noy stupid because they messed with my mother and she’s 82years old and that pushed me over the edge and they did it to me.

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