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ATTENTION ALL STARTUP FOUNDERS AND CRAIGSLIST POSTERS: ERIC MOORE LABS IS A FRAUD | ERIC MOORE’S real name is Tariq Shaw. Ask him for his driver licence if you dont beleive me | He is currelty under investigation for fraud against SI Digital and ELEEKS where he stole his website. He did not design nor build these websites. He uses vietnamese developres and dribble designers as he is meerly a con artsit tryin to sma you of your deposits. | Here is the last proxy he used prior to switching to Eric Moore. | TRINSIC LABS IS A CON ARTIST AS TARIQ SHAH IS A PROFESSIONAL SWINDLER! | ATTENTION ALL STARTUP FOUNDERS AND CEO’s. THIS CRAIGSLIST PREDATOR. | I hired Trinsic Labs in June 0f 2016 after he responded to a Craigslist ad. After going thru their discovery process, Trinsic Labs scammed me for $75,000. | After 6 months and only 1 call, as he never takes a call unless its time for him to collect, I made the 2nd installment payment and then he disappeared. He is no longer in contact with me and have delivered no product. His emails and phone numbers are not longer working. The owner’s name is Tariq Shah | Formerly .. See other ripoff-reports. May have gone by the name Mark Bradshaw, Derek Shaw, Tariq Shaw, Derek Snow at some point.

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