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Beware of Empire Today LLC

In June we signed a contract with a local sales rep from Empire Today which included laying a significant amount of new carpet as well as installing some vinyl tile in an entryway. The vinyl installation involved cutting-out a relatively small section of worn laminate, laying the subfloor and installing the tile. The salesman was confident in their ability to do this and included the work, in detail, on the signed contract. Of course, we put a cash deposit on the work with about a three week lead time before installation. | On the day of installation, the installers arrived with the carpet and padding, as well as the vinyl tile, but no other materials. In other words, they were not prepared to install the vinyl in the way described in the contract. They told us that they were not given the materials at the warehouse. Later that day, they told us that they “did not cut out laminate” and would not do the installation as per the contract. The carpet installation was completed as expected. We were told that the installation manager would contact us about the vinyl. We have made other attempts to contact our sales rep, customer service, really, anyone who could help us. | Five days later and no one has contacted us. Not attempt has been made by Empire Today to rectify the problem or make good on the contract. We expect the company, any company, to make a reasonable effort to fulfill their agreement. We have a valid, enforceable contract with Empire Today and they have chosen to simply ignore us. This is unacceptable and will not stand. | This company has many, many poor reviews online and complaints on various consumer complaint boards. It is unfortunate that they choose to simply ignore complaints instead of dealing with them in a professional manner. The carpet installer in our case found himself in the middle of what amounts to a contract dispute. Now, we have been left with no recourse but to seek a legal remedy. Our advice, based on this experience, find someone else to provide your flooring and installation services.

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